An Evening of Bel Canto

Gaetano Donizetti [1797-1848]

Lucia Di Lammermoor [1835]

Regnava nel Silenzio

Verano a Te

La Fille Du Régiment [1839]

Ah! Mes Amis


Franz Liszt [1811-1886]

Deux Légendes, S.175 [1863]

St François de Paule marchant sur les flots


Giacomo Meyerbeer [1791-1864]

Robert le diable [1831]

Robert, toi que j’aime

Les Huguenots [1835]

Plus blanche que la blanche hermine

Oh Ciel! Où courrez-vous?



François-Adrien Boieldieu [1775-1834]

La Dame Blanche [1825]

Viens gentille dame


Charles Gounod [1818-1893]

Romeo et Juliette [1867]

Je veux vivre

Faust [1859]

Salut, demeure chaste et pure


Giuseppe Verdi [1813-1901]

Ernani [1844]

Ernani involami


George Gershwin [1898-1937]

Fascinating Rhythm [1926]

The Man I Love [1924]

I Got Rhythm [1930]


Rudolf Friml [1879-1972]

Rose-Marie [1927]

Indian Love Call

Emmerich Kàlmàn [1882-1953]

Die Herzogin von Chicago [1928]

Prairie Rose


Regnava nel silenzio



The night, deep and dark,

reigned in the silence...

A pale ray from the gloomy moon

struck the fountain...

When a suppressed groan

was made heard throughout the air;

and there on the fountain's edge

the shadow showed itself to me Ah!

Her lips moved

as if speaking,

and with her lifeless hand

she seemed to call me.

She stood there, motionless,

then she suddenly disappeared.

And the water, earlier so limpid,

reddened with blood.


He is the light of my days,

and comfort to my suffering.


When carried away in ecstasy

of the most burning ardor,

with words from the heart

he swears me eternal faith.


I forget my troubles,

Tears turn into joy.

It seems to me that, beside him,

Heaven opens up for me!


Verano a te



Here, pledge yourself eternally

before Heaven to be my bride.

God hears us, God sees us;

church and altar is a loving heart;


(solemnly placing a ring on Lucia's finger)


to your destiny I link mine...

I am your betrothed.



(in her turn giving a ring to Edgardo)


And I yours.



Ah, only icy death

can quench our passion.



I call on Love, I call on Heaven

to witness my vows,




I call on Heaven to witness my vows, etc.

We must part now.



Oh, how I dread those words!

My heart goes with you.



My heart stays here with you, etc.



Ah, if sometimes you think of me

and send me a letter,

fresh hopes will fortify

my fleeting life.



I shall always cherish

vivid memories of you, dearest.




On the breeze

will come to you my ardent sighs,

you will hear in the murmuring sea

the echo of my laments.

When you think of me

living on tears and grief,

then shed a bitter tear

on this ring,

ah, on this ring, etc.



On the breeze will come to you,




Ah! On the breeze will come to you, etc.



Remember, Heaven has joined us!





Ah mes amis



Ah, my friends, what a day for celebrating!

I will soon be marching by your side.

Love, which drove me to distraction,

From now on drives me to glory and fame.

A happy day for you and me!

I will soon be marching by your side.

Yes, she for whom I live and breathe,

Has yielded to my pleading.

And this sweet hope of joy and happiness,

Come dance into my head and my heart.

Ah, my friends, what a day for celebrating!

I will soon be marching by your side.


Destiny has granted me every wish.

She gave me her love, and now I have her hand.

What a happy day, as you see!

I was first a soldier, and now a husband-to-be!



Robert, toi qui j’aime



Robert, Robert, you whom I love,

and who has received my faith,

you see my terror!

Have pity, pity for yourself,

and pity for me.

Pity for me, pity for you.

What! Your heart denies now

the sweetest promises it made.

You promised to honor me,

I am at your knees.

Have pity, pity for yourself

and pity for me.

Pity for you, pity for me.

Oh my greatest love,

You whom I love, you see my terror!

Ah have pity for your very self,

and pity for me.



Non loin de vielles tours



Not far from the ancient towers

and ramparts of Amboise

I was wandering alone, 

when suddenly I spied

a rich litter at a bend in the road;

a large crowd of unmannerly students

surrounded it, and their shouts 

and insolent mien

led me to guess their intentions - 

I hurried forward...

All made off on sight of me. 

Bashful - I approached...

Oh, what a bewitching sight 

presented itself to my view!


Whiter than the white ermine,

purer than a day in spring,

an angel, a divine maid,

dazzled my senses!

Immortal maid! 

How lovely she was!

And bowing involuntarily before her,

I said, to her I said:

Lovely angel, queen of love,

heavenly beauty, 

I shall love you always,


Listening to me, a gentle smile

betrayed the confusion in her heart,

and in her eyes I could read

the presage of my happiness.

Faithful lover, a new flame

burns in my heart, an everlasting passion-

it burns there yet, and I tell myself:

Lovely angel, queen of love,

heavenly beauty, 

I shall love you always


Oh ciel! Où courrez-vous?



Oh heaven! Where are you going?

Raoul, answer me!



Where am I going? 

To save my friends.

I go, risking my life, 

to fight and prevent the plot of

our enemies.



But your enemies 

include my father

whom it is my duty to respect.

Will you draw your sword against them?



Their treason I shall punish



They obey the will of heaven.



The will of heaven?

This is the law that you worship;

a law that breathes war and destruction.

Does the God of the French ordain this massacre?



Ah! Do not blaspheme

It is for the mercy of heaven

that I now come to save you and your

future happiness.

Do not go.



I must



You rush to your destruction.


To linger here is treason

Danger presses against friendship,

duty and honor

I can no longer remain.  Let me go!



You rush to your death,

for pity's sake, stay!

Listen to my prayers

Stay and I shall save your life






Have pity upon my misery



Let me go!

Honor calls, duty commands



Follow me and stay!



No! Let me go!

Duty calles me



No!   I cannot let you leave

I will keep you here



To listen to you is a crime



But I listen to you.

At this dreadful hour,

I think of you alone,

on the brink of death.

Must I watch you die

and therefore die with you?

Please stay, Raoul.

Give me this consolation!

Have pity upon me!

If you die, then I will die

Please stay.  I love you.


You love me? 

You love me!

Oh, rapture entrancing!

Your words, how they change me

What joy is now mine!

Come death!  I shall defeat you

with these heavenly words!



Oh terror!  What have I said?



You said it!

You said it!


You said it

yes, you love me!

In my night

which star shone?

I am born again, it is the pure air of the very heavens!

Always forgetting, forgotten!

You said it!

yes, you love me!



What have I done?

What danger

Oh my God!



Tell it again and again

to my heart this unutterable dream!

If this ecstasy is a dream

I never want to wake up



It's death

Here is the hour

There is no future



Night of love



Night of doom


Come, let's run away



No, stay!







Viens, gentille dame



let's listen and then

let's wait!


Come on, nice lady

from you I claim

the faith of oaths.

To your laws, faithful

Here I am my beautiful

Appear, I'm waiting for you


Than this lonely place

And that this sweet mystery

Have charms for me

Yes, I feel that at the sight of you

The soul must be moved

But, it's not scary. Nope!


Already the darker night

Over us spreads its shadow

That she is late in coming

In my impatience,

My heart beats in advance

Waiting and fun

Appear then, I'm waiting for you

Come! I am waiting for you


Je veux vivre



I want to live

In this dream that dreads me;

This day again,

Sweet flame,

I keep you in my soul

Like a treasure!

This intoxication

Of youth

Do not last, alas! that one day!

Then comes the time

Where we cry,

The heart gives way to love,

And happiness flees without return.

I want to live, etc

Away from the gloomy winter

Let me sleep

And breathe the rose

Before stripping it.


Sweet flame,

Stay in my soul

Like a sweet treasure

Long time again!


Salut demure et chaste et pure



What unknown emotion now fills me?

I feel that my whole being is in the grip of love.

O Marguerite, here I am at your feet!

Hail, chaste and pure dwelling where

One can feel the presence of an innocent and holy soul.

What wealth in this very poverty!

What bliss in this humble cottage!

O Nature, this is where you created her beauty!

This is where the maid grew up beneath your wing,

Grew up under your gaze!

Here, too, breathing into her soul,

You lovingly turned this angel of heaven

Into a fresh blooming woman.

This is the place ... yes ... here it is!

Hail, chaste and pure dwelling, etc.


Ernani involami



Night has come, and Silva does not return!

Ah, she didn't come back and more!

This hated vigil,

that what an unclean ghost each pursues me,

with the speech of love,

more and more Ernani configures me in core.

Ernani! ... Ernani, take me away

to the abhorred embrace.

Let's flee ... if I live with you

be granted to me with love,

for inhospitable caverns and lands

my foot will follow you.

An Eden of delight

those caves will be to me.

(All contempt that of Ernani

does not speak to this heart,

there is only a gem in love

may hate change.

Fly, O time, and soon go

of my escape the happy moment!

Fly, O time, to the lover's core

it is torture to linger)


Indian Love Call



So echoes of sweet love notes gently fall

Thru the forest stillness, as fond waiting Indian lovers call!



When the lone lagoon

Stirs in the spring, 

Welcoming home

Some swany white wing,

When the maiden moon

Riding the sky

Gathers her star-eyed

Dream children nigh:



That is the time of the moon and the year

When love dreams to Indian maidens appear

And this is the song that they hear.



When I’m calling you—oo—oo

Will you answer too-oo-oo

That means I offer my love to you

To be your own

If you refuse me I will be blue

And waiting all alone

But if when you hear

My love call

Ringing clear

And I hear 

Your answering

Echo so dear

Then I will know

Our love will come true

You’ll belong to me

I’ll belong to you


Rose der Prairie



When the sun shines in flames

in the evening on the Missouri glows

through the golden twilight

penetrates a hot love song



Indian girl so cute and slim

give me your lilac splendor

The cowboy begs love potion

"Just give me this purple night of love,

Oh, give me only this purple night! "

Come in my little love boat

you ... rose of the prairie

Come on, love me until the morning comes,

you ... rose of the prairie

Come, give me your purple mouth,

Hear my melody

Come on, kiss the wound on my lip,

You, rose of the prairie



Indian girl so cute and slim

stands trembling in front of the cowboy,

"strange man, you bank me,

don't kiss me! "she pleads fearfully.

"Tomorrow you have to leave here

at the day's silver shine "



"This night just give me!

Let's be happy this one night

O this one night of love just be happy "

Come in my little love boat

you ... rose of the prairie

Come on, love me until the morning comes,

you ... rose of the prairie



Come, give me your purple mouth,

Hear my melody

Come on, kiss the wound on my lip,

You, rose of the prairie



Come in my little love boat

you ... rose of the prairie

Come on, love me until the morning comes,

you ... rose of the prairie

Come, give me your purple mouth,

Hear my melody

Come on, kiss the wound on my lip,

You, rose of the prairie